About me

As an international glamour/fitness model, Maria Cedar will shoot a multitude of genres and is willing go the extra mile to achieve creating the most sultry and sexy images of herself that can ever be captured. Modeling is her true passion and her fountain of youth.

Maria grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountain area. She loved high school and participated in all extra-curricular activities like athletics, music, and drama. After high school, she attended the local university on a full-ride scholarship where she proudly graduated in business. Maria has been employed in a number of professional fields such as insurance, banking, education, and even entertainment. But despite experiencing so many industries, she had always felt that something more exciting was missing from her life. Entering the world of modeling helped Maria finally discover the excitement she was seeking. She fully embraced a career in modeling and hasn’t looked back since earning her notoriety during the era of Yahoo! Groups.

Maria’s most recent accomplishments include several publications, including magazines, calendars (producing her own 2015 and 2016 calendars and being featured in others), and even as a promotional model for several companies. Maria’s love for the camera extends even into video production as well. She produces video clips for her fans and is now focusing on producing “live action” shoots for them. Her love for modeling also happily aligns with her love for traveling, allowing her to meet new people and encounter new adventures. One never knows where she will travel next.

If you can’t find Maria at a photo shoot, then you’ll likely find her investing her time at a gym, working out to maintain her fantastic physique, which primarily consists of Zumba, spinning, and weight training. Maria is always participating in a monthly body challenge of some type. When she’s not working out, then she's enjoying a good book or the great outdoors, which mostly includes camping, fishing, and snowmobile riding.

Maria Cedar